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Donald Trump Jr.’s Wedding and his wife at the tip of the horn

Wife of Trump Jr. demanding a divorce in a New York court after 12 years of marriage.

New York, IDN Times – Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife named Vanessa filed for divorce to a New York court. The news was submitted by the New York court so that it spread to the media.

1. There is no debate about child custody

As reported The New York Post, Vanessa sued the child of President of the United States, Donald Trump on Thursday local time (15/3). In his lawsuit, Vanessa is said not to be concerned about the custody of their five children. He also did not make a fuss about the gono-gini treasure.

Both then gave a joint statement confirming that the 12-year marriage had to be terminated. Good Trump Jr. and Vanessa claimed to have respect for each other despite taking the path of separation.

2. The details of the divorce, including the reasons behind it, are not explained

The eldest son of Donald Trump married Vanessa in 2005. Their marriage announcement was published in The New York Times. Vanessa’s divorce law stirred the United States public because the president’s family is usually considered obliged to have a harmonious relationship. In addition, the public was made to wonder about why Vanessa sued her husband’s divorce.

3. Trump Jr. involved a number of scandals

Reported by Reuters, 40-year-old man is currently undergoing investigation related to the possibility of collusion between his father and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election campaign. According to reports, Trump Jr. designed a meeting between a group of Russians and some members of Donald Trump’s successful team in 2016.

He did so after receiving a third-party report that Russia offered information that could damage the reputation of the Democratic candidate at the time, Hillary Clinton. From an email conversation, Trump Jr. accounted for responding openly. Trump himself denied his side had a special relationship with the Russian government during the campaign.