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Smallest in the World, IBM Mini Computer Just Sized Salt

IBM Mini Computer creating a computer whose size is claimed to be the smallest in the world. So small, the computer is even the size of a grain of salt.

Quoted from Fortune, Tuesday (19/3/2018), super mini computer is produced at a cheap price. Its usefulness is for the sake of logistics.

Sophisticated Computers that Make Stephen Hawking Talk and Activate
Thanks to its size, computers can be embedded on various devices to verify origin and content.

This idea is similar to blockchain technology that can record as well as ledger (ledger for cash calculations), so it can be easily known where an item originated.

With the presence of this innovation in the supply chain system of goods, it is expected that the fraud of goods can be minimized.

Known computers will have a million transistors that have a small amount of RAM, LEDs, and photo detectors to make it ‘communicate’. He also equipped solar panels to accommodate power.

Super mini computer is IBM Mini Computer also expected to be a solution to the safety of the food, the authenticity of components of goods, and prevent consumers trapped fake goods.

IBM itself will reveal more information about the computer in the Think 2018 event they will hold in Las Vegas.

IBM Activities in Indonesia
Menaker Cooperate with IBM for IT Training at Training Center
IBM will co-manage several Training Centers (BLKs) with Kemnaker.
IBM is known for its innovations in the technology world, and IBM has also been active in contributing to the education sector in Indonesia.

Faculty of Business Economics University of Indonesia (FEB UI), recently collaborated with IBM to open Big Data class and cognitive computing which has been started since February 14, 2018.

This cooperation is expected to be a provision for students to face challenges amid growing technological growth that is believed to be even greater.

Chairman of the FEB UI Accounting Department, Ancella A. Hermawan, said this additional course starts from the wishes of the Department of Accounting FEB UI to improve the competence of adaptable graduates in the world of digital economy changed its business process.

Therefore, FEB UI decided to equip students with knowledge and data analysis capability.

“Accounting is very close to the financial data and decision making of these data. As a student, accounting focuses on financial information, report preparation and how to use it, therefore we want to improve their competence for data analysis supported by technology, “said Ancella when met at the University of Indonesia, Wednesday (7/3/2018).

He also hopes big data courses and cognitive computing can provide introduction to students about various tools related to both of them.

“Then with the knowledge and recognition, we also hope FEB UI graduates are inspired to have hybrid skills, so they can improve their creativity in the profession in the field of economy and business,” he explained.

IBM: Big Data and AI So Corporate Focus This Year

Country Manager of Global Business Partner IBM Indonesia Novan Adian, Head of FEB UI Accounting Department Ancella A. Hermawan, faculty member of FEB UI Department and coordinator of auditing course Agung Nugroho Soedibyo. Andina Librianty
This year, IBM will also focus on Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI).

The company from Uncle Sam’s country is optimistic that its business will grow this year with a focus on important innovations.

“We will focus on big data areas, cognitive, Artificial Intelligent (AI) and analysis. We always focus on or when delivering a solution to consumers, “said Country Manager Global Business Partner of IBM Indonesia, Novan Adian, at the University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java, Wednesday (7/3/2018).

Novan believes the seriousness of IBM working on the Indonesian market will not end up disappointed. According to him, IBM consumers have benefited from the solutions offered.